Welcome to yet hope remains; a Lord of the Rings comment ficathon.

I know some us were involved in LotR fandom way back when, but it's been ages since I've read or written LotR fic, and with the tumblr rewatch and the countdown to The Hobbit trailer, I kept thinking about how much I'd love a LotR ficathon. So here it is!

I should stress that this is a comment!ficathon for the entire world of Middle Earth, which means that if you want fic about the hobbits as they went about their days completely oblivious to Sauron, that's excellent, and if you want fic about the villagers on the outskirts of Rohan that had to run in fear for their lives, that's fantastic!

No RPF, but AUs are welcome as long as they stay within the world of Middle Earth. (So an AU where Sauron wins would be fine, but an AU where they all work in a bookstore would not.) Art fills are always welcome.

Above all else, please have fun ♥

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