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yethoperemains's Journal

yet hope remains;
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Welcome to yet hope remains; a comment!ficathon for the entirety of the Lord of the Rings world. It's timed to coincide with the tumblr rewatch, which is timed for the ten year anniversary of the first movie. And clearly, at the ten year mark, what we need is ALL of the fic, right? Right.

One prompt per comment, but prompt as many times as you like. Art fills are *always* loved. AU's are allowed as long as they remain in the context of Middle Earth (as in, an AU where Sauron won would be all right, an AU where they work at a bookstore would not).

And the more the word is spread, the more fills, so. You know what to do. ;) Banners are (HERE) if you'd like to promote.

- Please be respectful of the actors, the source material, and most of all each other. No bashing, of any sort, will be tolerated.

- This is a ficathon for the world of Middle Earth rather than the lovely actors, so no RPF.

- Please fill your prompts with the title - time period - characters/ship subject line.

- Please warn if you're writing something of a trigger-y or delicate nature.

- Finally, you're required to have fun. It's a requirement.

Much much thanks to fujiidom for making everything so gorgeous (seriously, she's ridiculously fantastic. RIDICULOUSLY.), and galfridian and deathgetsusall for being awesome. Also, y'know, JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson. Ahem.